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Why you can’t say no to a career in insurance

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Imagine a career where every day is different, where you are able to innovate, lead and make a real difference.

That career exists. And you may be surprised to discover that it’s in insurance.

While many other sectors are making cuts and jobs are uncertain, the rapidly growing insurance industry offers exciting opportunities, particularly in the APAC region. Prudential recognises that potential and is looking to partner with committed people, who can make a difference.

The time to change career is now. The pandemic has caused many people think more carefully about what they really want to achieve with their lives; both for themselves and others. So choosing a career path that enables them to make an impact is more important than ever before.

This is particularly true for the younger generation who value a career with purpose to be as important as a career with a guaranteed paycheck. In a 2020 survey of more than 16,000 millennials, auditor Deloitte found that 76 per cent of respondents were inspired to take positive action to improve their own lives.

That sentiment of taking positive steps for improvement is a commitment that has driven Prudential for over 170 years. Throughout our history we have weathered every storm, always emerging stronger.

Amidst all the current change we’ve found a renewed sense of purpose: to help people get the most out of life.

PRUVenture is your platform to make a difference. We’re looking for passionate and driven individuals to help our customers with the right insurance products for their needs. And it’s an important role. Many Asian consumers remain under-insured, leading to a health protection gap estimated at US$1.8 trillion — a gap we are keen to close.

Many people are under-insured because they don’t understand their insurance needs. Helping our customers to meet their insurance needs relies on human contact and personalised service, so recruiting the right people is key. We want to partner with people-orientated leaders who are able to help our customers make some of the most important decisions of their lives.

Over the next three years we will be recruiting 20,000 people across nine markets, through our PRUVenture programme. These are people who excel in a customer facing environment. They are inspired to lead from the front to change their own lives, and those of others, all coming from many different sectors and starting from ground zero in insurance.

PRUVenture enables you to seize your future in an ever-changing role, and master the skills to lead. The programme offers a fast-track to becoming a successful leader and, most importantly, it puts control in your own hands.

Ensuring financial security

We understand that taking a new career path can be daunting, and that financial stability is probably a key concern, which is why PRUVenture helps to smooth the way for the right candidates. We will provide financial support in the form of bridging income, allowing you to fully commit to launching your career in insurance, without any financial risk.

Not only can insurance provide financial security and peace of mind for our customers during difficult times, the growing industry offers a secure career path for those that enjoy a challenge.

Bringing out your entrepreneurial spirit

Being your own boss and being mentored rather than managed is an aspiration for many. PRUVenture allows you that freedom: the chance to be entrepreneurial within a respected and established company. You can chart your own career path, with support, allowing you complete control of your career development.

For the right people with the right skills, career progression can be swift. PRUVenture is designed for fast-track development and promotion through a proven training model.

Mentoring you for success

You will receive end-to-end training via PRUExpert, our innovative and intensive learning programme specially designed for newcomers to the insurance industry. Each day begins with two hours of development training and ends with a one-hour coaching and review meeting.

The first six months of development concentrate on strengthening your sales ability, equipping you with the skills to sell. The following six months feature on-the-job training, focusing on getting you to leader level at the end of the scheme.

From start to finish, PRUVenture helps to develop your skills so that you can enjoy a predictable and scalable income, backed with high benefits and rewards for leaders that excel.

Taking leadership to the next level

The pandemic has shown us that agility and quick thinking is key to succeeding in business and PRUVenture is invested in developing those capabilities. The programme has proven success in helping partners to become members of the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a global and independent association that recognises the leading professionals in the life insurance and financial services industry.

PRUVenture provides a myriad of opportunities to learn from other business leaders and, more importantly, opportunities for you to play a valuable role as a spokesperson, sharing with fellow future leaders how they too can impact change and take their own seat at the MDRT.

If you’re looking for a new career challenge where you can make a real impact, PRUVenture promises to get you there. Join us today.

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