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Will I be provided any form of training when becoming a Prudential Wealth Planner?

Yes. At Prudential, we believe in equipping you to be the best of the best. There will be compulsory modules designed to give you all the basic skills, attitude and support you need to be a successful Prudential Wealth Planner.

What are the trainings courses available?

There is a wide selection of training courses that you can choose from. The courses range from product knowledge to enhancement of sales skills, communications, as well as personal and professional development. As a Prudential Wealth Planner, you can select the courses to best fit your needs.

On top of face-to-face classroom training, are there any digital learning modules available for me?

Yes, we do have a series of e-learning courses made available for you. With these e-learning platforms, you can educate yourself in the comfort of your own time as the resources are available from anywhere and at any time.

How does training support my business?

Prudential aims to provide the best support by giving our Prudential Wealth Planner the knowledge and skills in order to succeed in this business. Our training programs range from the essentials of product and technical knowledge, sales skills, financial planning, motivational and mindset courses, professional branding to leadership programs This will enable our Prudential Wealth Planner to be more competitive than others in the market.

What is Prudential Wealth Planner ?

Prudential Entrepreneur (Prudential Wealth Planner) are shining stars of Prudential where these outstanding individuals have a strong hold of purpose in providing financial freedom and peace of mind to all Malaysians.

Prudential Wealth Planner serves the community before themselves, providing them with the necessary assistance during financially challenging times throughout lifetime.

What is the benefit in becoming a MDRT?

Prudential Wealth Planner that achieved MDRT are recognized as individuals who have high level of ethics uphold in the financial sector. By achieving this status, it increases the confident and trust of the consumers. Being an MDRT also means that the Prudential Wealth Planner possess the knowledge and skills required to service the community on any concerning matters.

Will I have consistent income in being a Prudential Wealth Planner?

Prudential Wealth Planner take full control of their own incomes. As the saying goes, “Without labor, nothing prospers”. Through great enthusiasm and consistency along with continuous assistance & guidance from Prudential, Prudential Wealth Planner will excel and achieve their desired incomes as you grow together with us.

What is Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)?

Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) is the Premier Association of Financial Professionals. Its membership is recognized internationally as the standard of excellence in the life insurance and financial services business.

What are the requirements to be Prudential Wealth Planner?

Prudential Wealth Planner require a minimum of SPM/O Level or higher qualification. He/she is also required to pass the Pre-Contract Examination for Insurance Agents (PCEIA) and Certificate Examination in Investment-Linked Life Insurance (CEILLI) conducted by The Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII).

What are the requirements to become MDRT?

To achieve MDRT status, a Prudential Wealth Planner needs to collect a total of RM 327,900 First Year Premium (FYP); or This is applicable for the production year of 2021 and the targets are subject to change every production year.

For more information, please visit www.mdrt.org requirements.

Does becoming a Prudential Wealth Planner requires my monetary contribution?

In short, joining our Prudential Wealth Planner scheme is free of charge.

Prudential Wealth Planner will help kick-start your business with one of the lowest start-up fees in the market. All you need is to stay vigilant in keeping at least 6 months of your expenses to ensure that you are well prepared in keeping your business afloat on a full-time basis. The incurred expenses include travelling, entertainment expenses spent with clients, investments for your own personal development and other miscellaneous activities..

However, in joining Prudential Wealth Planner, you will be taking full charge & ownership of your earnings and career path at your preferred pace!

How do I become MDRT?

First of, we acknowledge that anyone can become an MDRT. The most important characteristic to becoming an MDRT is to have a resilient mindset and a strong purpose along with dedication, hard work, and passion. Aside from that, MDRT requires you to achieve a targeted amount of commission; income; or premiums collected in the year to be qualified.

Fret not, we have got all covered for you. We offer 2 outstanding programs: PRUVenture Program and Elite Development Programme. These programs are designed to give guidance and support you need to achieve your milestones to MDRT.


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